Are you going to the grave with unlived lives still in your veins?



Since I've last had service I have climbed the last 4000 foot peak, crossed 2000 mile mark, and broken 10 days to go! Maine is great, but excited to get home.


Finally made it into stratton after taking a day longer than expected due to CAKE's sickness. Still on track for a June 30th finish though. 187 Miles to go!


Got distracted by television in the hotel today and didn't escape from its tractor beam grasp until 3:00. Hit the trail @ 330 and made it 10 miles. 22 tomorrow


In Rangely. Beautiful tourist town on one of Maine's bajillion bodies of water. 220 Miles and 2 weeks remain! Looking forward to heading home.


In Andover tonight. Ate a 16" pizza and a famous Maine "Whoopie Pie" for dessert. 780 Calories of creme-filled chocolate something. Only 3 more towns to go!


Mahoosuc notch was really fun. Steep granite cliffs on both sides with the trail running through collapsed boulders below. Lots of snow hidden in crevasses!
Made it into Maine today! Swam in Speck Pond a few minutes ago, the highest body of water in the state @ 3500 feet. Spending the night here, then to Andover